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Site Visit

When a site visit is booked we will then visit you at your home for the initial consultation about your project to discuss your ideas and expectations. We will provide you with more information and help you select your design package. Our Designers will work with you to understand your needs and share our ideas about different designs. They will talk you through the project, advise on different possibilities and explain steps and procedures involved. After the site visit we will present you with our quote regarding your project from the discussion tailored to your needs.

Measured Survey

After the initial consultation and selecting the design package we will book your measured survey. Your Designer will come to your site to complete a full measured survey of the property, take required pictures and discuss your project in greater detail. They will have ideas to develop your design with you and after guide you through all required stages. Our plans are produced at an appropriate scale, utilising spatial planning techniques to ensure that detail is accurately located from room to room throughout the building.


We will deliver your drawings within 2 weeks of the initial measured survey for you to review and discuss your design. The next few days we will work together to perfect the drawings to your expectations. Once you give us your confirma- tion we will proceed with submitting the drawings to your local council. We submit for Planning or Lawful Develop- ment (whichever is required) and manage the application during the council’s review process. There is no guarantee for planning approval to be granted, but we will work hard for the best possible outcome.

Party Wall

Party Wall Award is required in most cases. When proposed walls share the boundary or a wall is placed in the proximity of your neighbours property a Party wall agreement is needed. If your property is under a Conservation Area, a Listed building or within a Flood risk zone, additional documents may be required when applying (Design and access statement, Heritage statement, Structural report, Flood risk assessment, Agricultural boundaries, Green belt or Areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONB). However, we will guide you through each process appropriately.

Building Reg

Building Regulation drawings are a minimum standard for design, construction or alteration for every building. We deliver technical drawings with structural calculations within 4 weeks period. It is important that your home design complies to all necessary regulations. We work with Structural engineers who will provide technical calculations and details for your project. We will then compile and prepare the documentation needed for submission which ensures your project will be structurally safe.

Interior Design

As our additional service we can provide a full Interior Spatial Layout and detailed Interior Design. Our Designers will share our ideas through 3D photorealistic renders and graphical images to provide you with additional suggestions and visualisations for enhancing your new space. The advanced images can help you achieve better results and guarantee a high quality finish. They serve as a very accurate reference of your expectations and give additional guidance through the build process.


Following is the process of selecting and appointing the main contractor for the build. At this stage you already have the required drawings and specification to start with the build. The next step is to determine how to procure the project by selecting your final contractor and getting a fixed price for all the construction. You will have a selection of our multiple trusted contrators who will offer you their accurate quotes for the build. In addition, we also offer our own Project Management service.


At the last stage all the hard work gets translated on site and your project finally starts taking shape. If we are appointed as a Contract Administrator in the construction stage then we will help with any possible site issues. The build site is managed and insured by the selected contractor as we have scheduled inspection visits to insure that all architectural details are built as specified in tender drawings. Towards the end of the build we will conduct the final quality control inspection for any unresolved issues before any certificates are issued.