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Warner Street

Built on the site of an old timber merchants, The Yard is a unique opportunity to live in this most fascinating and historical of London areas. Designed to the highest standards and offering the very best in open-plan living, The Yard’s apartments are flooded with daylight and replete with modern, high-tech conveniences. With the top of the range materials and products ensures occupants get the very best living experience. We take pride in our approach to planning and collaboration, building teams of in-house experts, industry-leading consultants and cutting-edge designers to create genuine innovation based on years of experience. We have complete faith in the calibre of our people and total commitment to sustainability.

We are proud to bring you The Yard.


With the combination of a light brick façade combined with a light London stock brick with a contrasting steel frame around the windows. The balconies are frame with glass to give an element of lightness giving the base an illusion of floating. The base on is filled with vegetation to soften the built environment of brick work.
The latest developments in temperature control, insulation and floor furnishings give every home cosy warmth, with large windows and bright balconies bringing in a cool breath of fresh outdoor air. The interior of the property is filed with bright coloured furniture which enhances the each and every room which has been reached to enhance the mood of the occupants. The custom-made furniture and clean walls and light timber floors makes each space a place to be remembered.